Science / Geology / Detrital: A word used in reference to sediments or sedimentary rocks that are composed of particles that were transported and deposited by wind, water or ice.

Detrital Sediment

Science / Geology / Detrital Sediment: A sediment deposited by a physical process. MORE


Science / Geology / Sandstone: A detrital sedimentary rock composed of grains from 1/16 to 2 millimeters in diameter, dominated in most sandstones by quartz, feldspar, and rock fragments, bound together by a cement of silica, carbo MORE

Pelagic Sediment

Science / Geology / Pelagic Sediment: A ocean sediment that accumulates far enough from land that detrital materials are a minor component. These sediments are largely composed of the tiny shell debris of radiolarians and foraminifera. MORE

Quartzose Sandstone

Science / Geology / Quartzose Sandstone: (1) A quartz arenite. (2) A clean quartz sandstone, less pure than a quartz arenite, that may contain a moderate amount of other detrital minerals and/or calcite cement. MORE