Science / Geology / Dip: The angle that a rock unit, fault or other rock structure makes with a horizontal plane. Expressed as the angular difference between the horizontal plane and the structure. The angle is measured in a plane perpendicular to the strike of the rock structure.

Other Words for Dip

Dip Verb Synonyms: decline, go down, fall, descend, sag, sink, subside, slump
Dip Adjective Synonyms: immerse, plunge, duck, dunk, douse, bathe, submerge
Dip Noun Synonyms: lowering, sinking, depression, drop, slump, decline


Technology / Television (TV) / Diplexer: A device that combines two input signals into a single output. It may also be used the other way to split a single input into two outputs. Often used in satellite systems to combine a satellite signal MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Dipody: In classical prosody, dipody describes the combination of two feet into another single metrical unit. Often used interchangeably with the more general term syzygy, this dipody involves the substitutio MORE


Health / First Aid / Diphenhydramine: Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine sold over-the-counter. Diphenhydramine is also sold as a sleep aid. MORE

Electric Dipole

Science / Chemistry / Electric Dipole: An object whose centers of positive and negative charge do not coincide. For example, a hydrogen chloride (hcl) molecule is an electric dipole because bonding electrons are on average closer to the ch MORE

Electric Dipole Moment

Science / Chemistry / Electric Dipole Moment: A measure of the degree of polarity of a polar molecule. Dipole moment is a vector with magnitude equal to charge separation times the distance between the centers of positive and negative charges. Ch MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Dipole: A speaker design that uses two sets of drivers to generate equal amounts of sound both forward and backward, or side to side, with the two sounds being 'out of phase.' Dipoles are often used as surrou MORE