Science / Geology / Dune: A mound or ridge of wind-blown sand. Typically found in deserts and inland from a beach. Many dunes are moved by the wind.

Longitudinal Dune

Science / Geology / Longitudinal Dune: A long, narrow sand dune that has its long dimension oriented parallel to the direction of the wind. MORE

Seif Dune

Science / Geology / Seif Dune: A large sand dune that forms parallel to the direction of a strong wind that blows in a consistent direction throughout the year. Also called a longitudinal dune. MORE

Transverse Dune

Science / Geology / Transverse Dune: A dune that has its axis transverse to the prevailing winds or to a current. The upwind or upcurrent side has a gentle slope, and the downwind side lies at the angle of repose. MORE

Space Opera

Entertainment / Literature / Space Opera: A subgenre of 'soft' science fiction especially popular between 1930-1960, often used in a derogatory sense. These space operas are novels or short stories set in the distant future after humanity has MORE

The Dakar

Technology / Motorcycle / The Dakar: Formerly known as "The Paris Dakar" and now as "The Lisbon Dakar Rally," or "Dakar Rally," and also simply referred to as "The Dakar." It is an off-road competition comprised of cars, motorcycles, and MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Links: 1. Originally referred to seaside courses on 'links land' (seaside grassy area), now used loosely to mean any golf course 2. ('links style course, links course') an exposed, windswept (sometimes seas MORE