Elliptical Orbit

Science / Geology / Elliptical Orbit: An orbit with the shape of a geometrical ellipse. All orbits are elliptical or hyperbolic, with the Sun occupying one focus.

Other Words for Orbit

Orbit Noun Synonyms: circuit, course, path, track, revolution, circle, round, cycle

Eccentricity Of Orbit

Science / Tides and Currents / Eccentricity Of Orbit: Ratio of the distance from the center to the focus of an elliptical orbit to the length of the semi major axis. The eccentricity of orbit = %1 - (B / A)2: where A and B are respectively the semi major MORE


Science / Astrology / Orbit: The path a heavenly body follows as it travels around another stellar body. MORE

Obliquity Of The Moons Orbit

Science / Tides and Currents / Obliquity Of The Moons Orbit: The angle which the Moon's orbit makes with the plane of the Earth's Equator. Its value varies from 18.3° to 28.6°, depending upon the longitude of the Moon's ascending node; the smaller value corre MORE


Science / Chemistry / Orbital: A wavefunction that describes what an electron with a given energy is doing inside an atom or molecule. MORE

Polar-Orbiting Satellite

Science / Weather / Polar-Orbiting Satellite: A satellite whose orbit passes over both of the earth's between poles. MORE


Health / Vitamins / Sorbitol: A by-product of glucose metabolism which, in diabetics, can accumulate and lead to complications. MORE