Science / Geology / Fold: A planar feature, such as a bedding plane, that has been strongly warped, presumably by deformation.

Other Words for Fold

Fold Noun Synonyms: bend, ply, double (over or up), overlap, crease, pleat, gather, crimp
Fold Verb Synonyms: enclose, envelop, enfold, wrap, enwrap, clasp, clip, embrace, hug, gather

Overturned Fold

Science / Geology / Overturned Fold: A fold that has both limbs dipping in the same direction, resulting from one of those limbs being rotated through an angle of at least 90 degrees. Overturned folds are found in areas of intense deform MORE

Above The Fold

Technology / Email / Above The Fold: The part of an email message or Web page that is visible without scrolling. Material in this area is considered more valuable because the reader sees it first. Refers to a printing term for the top ha MORE

Epigastric Fold

Science / Spiders / Epigastric Fold: A fold and groove separating the anterior part of the ventral abdomen (with epigyne and book lungs) from the posterior part. MORE

Recumbent Fold

Science / Geology / Recumbent Fold: An overturned fold that has two limbs which are nearly horizontal. MORE

Limb (Fold)

Science / Geology / Limb (Fold): The relatively planar part of a fold or of two adjacent folds (for example, the steeply dipping part of a stratum between an anticline and syncline). MORE

Threefold Death

Entertainment / Literature / Threefold Death: According to Dan Wiley's entry in Duffy's Medieval Ireland: An Encyclopedia, threefold death is a motif of the early Irish aideda in which a victim is killed by three different means in rapid successi MORE