Science / Geology / Glass: An amorphous (without crystal structure) igneous rock that forms from very rapid cooling of magma. The rapid cooling does not provide enough time for crystal growth.

Other Words for Glass

Glass Adjective Synonyms: glassware, crystal
Glass Noun Synonyms: window, pane, window-pane, plate glass

Ground Glass Screen

Entertainment / Photography / Ground Glass Screen: Translucent glass sheet used for viewing and focusing the image on all large format and some reflex cameras. MORE

Double Glass

Business / Construction / Double Glass: Window or door in which two panes of glass are used with a sealed air space between. Also known as Insulating Glass. MORE

Back Glass Painting

Life Style / Painting / Back Glass Painting: Painting pictures on the back of sheets of glass. With this manner the artist has to work his picture backwards, starting with what would be the finishing strokes with the conventional method. Such a MORE


Science / Geology / Glassiness: The content of extent of glass in an igneous rock. MORE

Crown Glass

Entertainment / Photography / Crown Glass: Low dispersion optical glass. MORE

Optical Glass

Entertainment / Photography / Optical Glass: Is used for manufacturing lenses and prisms. It is specially manufactured to be free of defects and distortion, and to withstand heat and humidity. Each type f optical glass is classified according to MORE