Science / Geology / Gully: A small steep-sided valley or erosional channel from 1 meter to about 10 meters across.

Other Words for Gully

Gully Noun Synonyms: gulley, channel, river-bed, watercourse, gorge, ravine, canyon, notch, cut, pass, defile, valley, corridor, wadi, gill or ghyll, W arroyo , gulch

Gully Erosion

Business / Agriculture / Gully Erosion: Also called ephemeral gully erosion, this process occurs when water flows in narrow channels during or immediately after heavy rains or melting snow. A gully is sufficiently deep that it would not be MORE

Gully Washer

Science / Weather / Gully Washer: A heavy rain shower that occurs suddenly, possibly creating a flash flood. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Besterman: A typical protagonist or anti-hero from the science fiction stories of Alfred Bester, such as Ben Reich in The Demolished Man, or Gully Foyle of The Stars My Destination. These complex characters embo MORE


Business / Agriculture / Erosion: The wearing away of the land surface. Unconsolidated materials, such as soil, erode more rapidly than consolidated materials, such as rock. The most common causes of erosion are wind and moving water. MORE

Erosion (Erodibility) Index (EI)

Business / Agriculture / Erosion (Erodibility) Index (EI): The erosion (sometimes called erodibility) index is created by dividing potential erosion (from all sources except gully erosion) by the T value, which is the rate of soil erosion above which long ter MORE