Science / Geology / Hill: A natural land elevation, usually less than 1000 feet above its surroundings, with a rounded outline. The distinction between hill and mountain depends on the locality.

Other Words for Hill

Hill Adjective Synonyms: elevation, rise, highland, mound, prominence, promontory, eminence, knoll, hillock, hummock, height, foothill, tor, mount, upland, downs or downland, brae, fell, W tump, butte
Hill Noun Synonyms: heap, pile, mound, stack, mountain

Phillips Curve

Business / Finance / Phillips Curve: A graph that supposedly shows the relationship between inflation and unemployment. It is conjectured that there is a simple trade-off between inflation and unemployment (high inflation and low unemplo MORE

Uphill Lie

Entertainment / Golf / Uphill Lie: When the ball rests on an uphill slope in the direction of play or toward the target MORE

Downhill Lie

Entertainment / Golf / Downhill Lie: When the ball rests on a downhill slope in the intended direction of play MORE

Oak Hill Bitter

Entertainment / Liquor / Oak Hill Bitter: Scents that immediate are butterscotch and lemons, covering a light hop aroma. There may also be some almost subliminal spices present. To taste, the first point of note is its smoothness MORE

Black Hills Spruce

Life Style / Christmas Trees / Black Hills Spruce: Pinus glauca var.densata - green to blue-green needles; 1/3'' to ΒΌ'' long; stiff needles may be difficult to handle for small children. MORE


Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Hilltop: Algorithm which ranks results largely based on unaffiliated expert citations. MORE