Science / Geology / Inclination: The angle between a line in the Earth's magnetic field and the horizontal plane: also a synonym for dip.

Other Words for Inclination

Inclination Adjective Synonyms: slope, slant, angle, bend, incline, tilt
Inclination Noun Synonyms: bow, bowing, bend, bending, nod, nodding, tilt, tilting

Magnetic Inclination

Science / Geology / Magnetic Inclination: The vertical angular difference between a horizontal plane and the orientation of Earth's magnetic field. MORE


Science / Weather / Climate: The historical record and description of average daily and in seasonal weather events that help describe a region. Statistics are generally drawn over several decades. The word is derived from the Gre MORE


Science / Weather / Tilt: The inclination to the vertical of a significant feature of the pressure pattern or of the field of moisture or temperature. For example, midlatitide troughs tend to display a westward tilt with altit MORE


Science / Weather / Clinometer: An instrument used to measure angles of inclination. Used in conjunction with a ceiling light, it determines cloud height at night, based on the angle of a projected light on the clouds, the observer, MORE

Node Cycle

Science / Tides and Currents / Node Cycle: Period of approximately 18.61 Julian years required for the regression of the Moon's nodes to complete a circuit of 360° of longitude. It is accompanied by a corresponding cycle of changing inclinati MORE


Science / Genetics / Predisposition: To have a tendency or inclination towards something in advance. MORE