Science / Geology / Infiltration: The movement of groundwater or hydrothermal water into rock or soil through joints and pores.


Science / Geology / Seepage: The slow movement of water through the pore spaces of a solid material. This term is also applied to a loss of water by infiltration through the bottom of a stream, canal, irrigation ditch, reservoir MORE

Water Cycle

Science / Geology / Water Cycle: The movement of water between the atmosphere, ground and surface water bodies through the processes of evaporation, precipitation, infiltration, percolation, transpiration and runoff. Also known as th MORE

Hydrologic Cycle

Science / Geology / Hydrologic Cycle: The natural cycling of Earth's water between the atmosphere, surface and subsurface through the processes of evaporation, transpiration, percolation, infiltration, runoff and precipitation. MORE


Business / Construction / Weatherstrip: Narrow sections of thin metal or other material installed to prevent the infiltration of air and moisture around windows and doors. MORE