Science / Geology / Intrusion: A igneous rock body that formed from magma that forced its way into, through or between subsurface rock units.


Science / Geology / Lopolith: A large laccolith that is bowl-shaped and depressed in the center, possibly by subsidence of an emptied magma chamber beneath the intrusion. MORE

Intrusive R

Entertainment / Literature / Intrusive R: A type of linguistic intrusion in which the letter [r] appears in an etymologically unexpected location, such as as between two words in which one ends in a vowel and the next word begins in a vowel. MORE


Entertainment / Football / Encroachment: If a player (besides the center) is in the neutral zone and contact occurs prior to the snap; a foul punishable by a 5-yard penalty. MORE

High Water Mark

Science / Tides and Currents / High Water Mark: A line or mark left upon tide flats, beach, or along shore objects indicating the elevation of the intrusion of high water. The mark may be a line of oil or scum on along shore objects, or a more or l MORE


Science / Geology / Laccolith: An igneous intrusion that has been forced between two layered rock units. The top of the intrusion is arched upwards and the bottom of the intrusion is nearly flat. MORE


Science / Geology / Kimberlite: A variety of peridotite that is found in volcanic pipes which are thought to be intrusions from the upper mantle. Many diamond deposits are found in kimberlite pipes. MORE