Lava Tube

Science / Geology / Lava Tube: A tunnel below the surface of a solidified lava flow, formed when the exterior portions of the flow solidify and the molten internal material is drained away.


Business / Construction / Sonotube: Round, large cardboard tubes designed to hold wet concrete in place until it hardens. MORE

Tentacle-Tube-Foot Suspension Feeder

Science / Marine Biology / Tentacle-Tube-Foot Suspension Feeder: Suspension feeder that traps particles on distinct tentacles or tube feet (in echinoderms) MORE

Tube (Enclosure)

Technology / Home Audio / Tube (Enclosure): A type of woofer enclosure consisting of a long tube with a woofer at one end, and a port or Passive Radiator at the other. A good low-end reproducer, this design is very compact and generally used in MORE

Sieve Tube Members

Science / Biology / Sieve Tube Members: Phloem cells that form long sieve tubes. See sieve elements. MORE

Primo Lavado

Life Style / Coffee / Primo Lavado: A grade of Mexico coffee that includes most of the fine coffees of that country. MORE

Plavac Veli

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Plavac Veli: Variety grown in Croatia, former Yugoslavia, preferring sandy soil. The large berries grow in medium/big clusters, ripening with deep purple/black skin color. With average acidity and moderate tannins MORE