Science / Geology / Leaching: The removal of soluble constituents from a rock or soil by moving ground water or hydrothermal fluids.

Semantic Bleaching

Entertainment / Literature / Semantic Bleaching: The process by which a word loses all its original meaning--a phenomenon quite common in toponyms and personal names. For instance, few English speakers think of 'Red People' when they hear the topony MORE


Health / Dentistry / Bleaching: The technique of applying a chemical agent, usually hydrogen peroxide, to the teeth to whiten them. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Bichromate: Refers to potassium bichromate or potassium dichromate, used for bleaching and as a sensitizer for gelatin. MORE

Ferric Chloride

Entertainment / Photography / Ferric Chloride: Bleaching solution used on negative materials. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Toners: Used to change the color of the photographic print by chemical baths. Through the system of bleaching and toning, the black metallic silver image is converted to a dye image. MORE

Farmers Reducer

Entertainment / Photography / Farmers Reducer: Used for bleaching negatives and prints. MORE