Science / Geology / Limb: One side of a fold. The dipping rock units between the crest of an anticline and the trough of a syncline.


Health / Fitness / Stair-Climber: A cardiovascular machine that has two foot plates you pump up and down to mimic the action of climbing stairs. Also called a stepper. MORE

Rolling Stair Climber

Health / Fitness / Rolling Stair Climber: A cardiovascular machine that resembles a section of a department-store escalator. A set of stairs rotates in a circle so that you climb continuously, but never getting anywhere. MORE

Climb Milling

Business / Machine Shop / Climb Milling: A method of milling in which the work table moves in the same direction as the direction of rotation of the milling center. Sometimes called down cutting or down milling. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Limberger: (see Blaufränkisch above). Also known as the Blauer Limberger or Lemberger. The latter name is used for the grape where found in Washington state in the U.S., which has sizable plantings of this vari MORE

Limb (Fold)

Science / Geology / Limb (Fold): The relatively planar part of a fold or of two adjacent folds (for example, the steeply dipping part of a stratum between an anticline and syncline). MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Franklin: A medieval profession akin to a cross between a landlord and a real estate agent. In the early medieval political system of feudalism, society was divided theoretically into three estates: (1) knights MORE