Science / Geology / Luster: The general textural impression of a mineral surface, given by the light reflected from it. Terms such as metallic, submetallic are standardized but subjective.

Other Words for Luster

Luster Verb Synonyms: sheen, gleam, glow, gloss, luminosity, luminousness, radiance
Luster Adjective Synonyms: glory, renown, brilliance, celebrity, honor, distinction, fame, illustriousness


Technology / Computers / Clustering: This is a way of connecting two (or more) computers together using clustering hardware so that they share the processing load. If ten computers of equal processing speed are clustered together, you wo MORE


Technology / Computers / Cluster: In a Windows environment, Cluster refers to the allocated space within files measured in units. A cluster is part of a group of a logical disk sector. Depending on the disk size, a typical cluster siz MORE

Cluster Investigation

Health / Disease / Cluster Investigation: A review of an unusual number, real or perceived, of health events (for example, reports of cancer) grouped together in time and location. Cluster investigations are designed to confirm case reports; MORE


Business / Real Estate / Baluster: Any of the vertical supports for a stair, balcony or railing. MORE


Business / Construction / Balusters: Vertical members in a railing used between a top rail and bottom rail or the stair treads. Sometimes referred to as 'pickets' or 'spindles'. MORE

Cluster Analysis

Business / Finance / Cluster Analysis: Any claim or encumbrance, usually discovered in a title search, that may impair the title to a property, and make its validity questionable. See: bad title. MORE