Science / Geology / Massive: A term used in reference to a rock unit that is homogeneous in texture, fabric and appearance.

Other Words for Massive

Massive Verb Synonyms: big, large, oversized, huge, bulky, enormous, hulking, immense, gigantic, towering, mammoth, colossal, titanic, vast, tremendous, prodigious, mountainous, gargantuan, Brobdingnagian, Cyclopean, elephantine, jumbo, stupendous, mighty, weighty, ponderous

Massive Rock

Science / Geology / Massive Rock: A rock that is little or not at all broken by joints, cracks, foliation, or bedding, tending to present a homogeneous appearance. MORE


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Wheelie Bar

Technology / Motorcycle / Wheelie Bar: A set of short arms that project several feet from the rear of a motorcycle to prevent or control the amount of front-end lift during massive acceleration. MORE

Sulfur (S)

Science / Periodic Table of Elements / Sulfur (S): Atomic number: 16, Atomic mass: 32.06 g.mol -1, Electronegativity: 2.5, Density: 2.07 -3 at 20 °C, Melting point: 113 °C, Boiling point: 445 °C, Vanderwaals radius: 0.127 nm, Ionic radius: 0.1 MORE

Club Head

Entertainment / Golf / Club Head: The most massive part of the club at the bottom end (opposite the grip or handle) of the shaft (ideally the part of the club that makes contact with the ball) MORE


Science / Astrology / Orbit: The path a heavenly body follows as it travels around another stellar body. MORE