Nuclear Reactor

Science / Geology / Nuclear Reactor: A facility where a nuclear fission chain reaction can be initiated, controlled, and sustained.

Other Words for Nuclear

Nuclear Noun Synonyms: atomic

Nuclear Fission

Science / Chemistry / Nuclear Fission: Splitting of a nucleus into two smaller nuclei and neutrons. The smaller nuclei have higher binding energy than the original nucleus, and fission results in the release of energy. MORE

Nuclear Binding Energy

Science / Chemistry / Nuclear Binding Energy: Energy needed to break an atomic nucleus into separate protons and neutrons. MORE

Nuclear Area

Science / Biology / Nuclear Area: In prokaryotic cells, a region containing the cells genetic information. Unlike the nucleus in eukaryotic cells, it is not surrounded by a membrane. MORE

Effective Nuclear Charge

Science / Chemistry / Effective Nuclear Charge: The nuclear charge experienced by an electron when other electrons are shielding the nucleus. MORE

Nuclear Fuel

Science / Geology / Nuclear Fuel: Fissionable materials that are rich enough to sustain a fission chain reaction. MORE

Nuclear Electric Power (Nuclear Power)

Science / Geology / Nuclear Electric Power (Nuclear Power): The generation of electricity using the heat released from a nuclear fuel. MORE