Science / Geology / Ore: A natural deposit in which a valuable metallic element occurs in high enough concentration to make mining economically feasible.


Entertainment / Liquor / Dalmore: Dalmore is a refined malt whisky from the scotish highlands a very fine blend MORE

Forecast Year

Business / Finance / Forecast Year: The month and year on which the forecast period begins. See also Forecast Year. MORE

Shore Excursion

Life Style / Travel / Shore Excursion: Tours that are purchased as an option when visiting ports of call while on a cruise; can sometimes be bought before you cruise. MORE

Whisper Number Or Forecast

Business / Finance / Whisper Number Or Forecast: Buying stocks just before prices fall and selling stocks just before prices rise in a volatile market, often as the result of misleading signals. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Anchoress: A female anchorite. These women were eremites or hermits in the medieval period who would request permission from the local pastor to be walled up alive in a small cell attached to the side of the chu MORE

Shore Excursion Manager

Life Style / Travel / Shore Excursion Manager: His or her primary responsibilities are the promotion, arrangement, and supervision of all shore excursion programs arranged on behalf of the cruise line by the independent organizations that provide MORE