Science / Geology / Outcrop: An exposure of bedrock. Outcrops can be formed naturally or by human action. Stream erosion and highway construction can produce outcrops.


Entertainment / Literature / Diction: The choice of a particular word as opposed to others. A writer could call a rock formation by many words--a stone, a boulder, an outcropping, a pile of rocks, a cairn, a mound, or even an 'anomalous g MORE

Ring Dike

Science / Geology / Ring Dike: A dike in the form of a segment of a cone or cylinder, having an arcuare outcrop. MORE

Base Flow

Science / Geology / Base Flow: Water that seeps into a stream through a permeable rock or sediment unit that outcrops in the bottom or banks of the stream. MORE


Science / Geology / Exfoliation: A physical weathering process in which sheets of rock are fractured and detached from an outcrop. MORE