Science / Geology / Oxidation: A chemical reaction in which substances combine with oxygen. For example, the combination of iron with oxygen to form an iron oxide.

Oxidation Number

Science / Chemistry / Oxidation Number: A convention for representing a charge of an atom embedded within a compound, if the compound were purely ionic. For example, H2O is a covalent compound; if it were ionic, the hydrogens would be H+ (o MORE


Science / Chemistry / Autoxidation: Oxidation caused by exposure to air. Rust is an example of autoxidation. Autoxidation makes ether taken from half-filled bottles very dangerous, because air oxidizes ether to highly explosive organic MORE

Oxidation Half Reaction

Science / Chemistry / Oxidation Half Reaction: That part of a redox reaction that involves loss of electrons. In the oxidation half reaction, the oxidation number of one or more atoms within the reactants is increased. MORE

Oxidation Product

Entertainment / Photography / Oxidation Product: Is the chemical produced by a color developer during the conversion of exposed silver halides to black metallic silver. MORE

Copper Peptide

Health / Vitamins / Copper Peptide: Compound consisting of a peptide (small fragment of protein) and copper atom, known to benefit in tissue regeneration therapy, used in treating wounds and skin lesions, but also gastrointestinal condi MORE


Business / Construction / Preservative: Any pesticide substance that, for a reasonable length of time, will prevent the action of wood-destroying fungi, insect borers, and similar destructive agents when the wood has been properly coated o MORE