Science / Geology / Prospecting: The activities associated with the search for an area of probable mineralization. It can include: topographical, geological, geochemical and geophysical studies. Prospecting is usually done prior to the acquisition of mineral rights.

Endless Chain

Business / Real Estate / Endless Chain: A method of prospecting where agents asks each prospect to recommend other prospects. MORE

Geographic Farming

Business / Real Estate / Geographic Farming: Farming/prospecting an area defined by specific geographic boundaries. The best geographic farms are particular subdivisions with similar demographics, such as: the price of homes, the ages of residen MORE

Nongeographic Farming

Business / Real Estate / Nongeographic Farming: Farming/prospecting a particular segment of the market such as an ethinic group or nationality, as opposed to a geographic area. MORE

Seismic Refraction

Science / Geology / Seismic Refraction: A mode of seismic prospecting in which the seismic profile is examined for waves that have been refracted upward from seismic discontinuities below the profile. Greater depths may be reached than thro MORE