Science / Geology / Ray: A linear landform of the lunar surface emanating from a large crater and extending as much as 100 kilometers outward, probably consisting of fine ejecta thrown out by the impact of a meteorite.

Other Words for Ray

Ray Noun Synonyms: glimmer, trace, spark, scintilla, flicker
Ray Adjective Synonyms: beam, shaft, bar, streak, pencil, gleam, flash

X-Ray Crystallography

Science / Chemistry / X-Ray Crystallography: Determination of three dimensional arrangement of atoms in a crystal by analysis of x-ray diffraction patterns. MORE

Blowing Spray

Science / Weather / Blowing Spray: Salt spray that is raised by the wind to heights of six feet or greater. It is reported as 'BLPY' in an observation and on the METAR. MORE

Rayid Method

Health / Massage / Rayid Method: The rayid method was formed by results of research on the meaning of the formations in the iris of the eyes. Hereditary, behavioral, and attitudinal traits with their impact on mental, emotional, and MORE

X-Ray Diffraction Pattern

Science / Chemistry / X-Ray Diffraction Pattern: Interference patterns created by x-rays as they pass through a solid material. Studying x-ray diffraction patterns gives detailed information on the three-dimensional structure of crystals, surfaces, MORE


Technology / Programming / Array: An array is a collection of variables that are accessed with an index number. An array is declared with a length or with initializers that determine the length. The following code declares an array of MORE


Technology / Computers / Blu-ray: Also known as Blu-ray Disc. This is an optical disc format that was developed to enable recording, playback, and rewriting of high-definition (HD) video. This technology has a storage capacity far gre MORE