Science / Geology / Replacement: The dissolving or disintegration of one material followed by precipitation of a new material in its place.

Replacement Cost Accounting

Business / Finance / Replacement Cost Accounting: An accounting method that includes as part of depreciation the difference between the original purchase price of an asset and the current replacement cost. MORE

Replacement-Chain Problem

Business / Finance / Replacement-Chain Problem: Idea that future replacement decisions must be taken into account in selecting among projects. MORE

Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR)

Technology / Television (TV) / Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR): The replacement of lines of dialogue during post-production. Also known as looping. MORE

Replacement Cost

Business / Finance / Replacement Cost: Cost to replace a firm's assets. MORE

Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage Insurance

Business / Finance / Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage Insurance: A type of insurance policy that requires the insurer to renew the policy to an individual regardless of health changes. No changes may be made to an individual policyholder unless the same change is a MORE

Replacement Cost Insurance

Business / Finance / Replacement Cost Insurance: Insurance that pays out the full amount required to replace damaged property with new property, without taking into account the depreciated value of the property. MORE