Science / Geology / Respiration: The chemical reaction by which carbohydrates are oxidized and by which all animals and plants convert their food into energy. Carbon dioxide is released and oxygen used up.

Agonal Respirations

Health / First Aid / Agonal Respirations: Irregular, gasping breaths often seen during cardiac arrest. In most cases, rescuers will see victims take these gasping breaths no more than 10 to 12 times per minute: that's one every five to six se MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Photorespiration: Enhanced respiration of plants in the light relative to dark respiration MORE

Cellular Respiration

Science / Biology / Cellular Respiration: The transfer of energy from various molecules to produce ATP; occurs in the mitochondria of eukaryotes, the cytoplasm of prokaryotes. In the process, oxygen is consumed and carbon dioxide is generated MORE

Respiratory Quotient

Science / Marine Biology / Respiratory Quotient: The ratio of moles of carbon dioxide produced to oxygen consumed in respiration MORE

Gross Primary Productivity

Science / Marine Biology / Gross Primary Productivity: The total primary production, not counting the loss in respiration MORE

Net Primary Productivity

Science / Marine Biology / Net Primary Productivity: Total primary production, minus the amount consumed in respiration MORE