Seismic Profile

Science / Geology / Seismic Profile: The data collected from a set of seismographs arranged in a straight line with an artificial seismic source, especially the times of P-wave arrivals.

Other Words for Profile

Profile Noun Synonyms: outline, silhouette, contour, side-view
Profile Adjective Synonyms: analysis, study, survey, examination, graph, diagram, chart, list, statistics

Seismic Refraction

Science / Geology / Seismic Refraction: A mode of seismic prospecting in which the seismic profile is examined for waves that have been refracted upward from seismic discontinuities below the profile. Greater depths may be reached than thro MORE

Seismic Transition Zone

Science / Geology / Seismic Transition Zone: A seismic discontinuity, found in all parts of the Earth, at which the velocity increases rapidly with depth: especially the one at 300 to 600 kilometers. MORE

Seismic Surface Wave

Science / Geology / Seismic Surface Wave: A seismic wave that follows the earth's surface only, with a speed less than that of S-waves. There are Raleigh waves (forward and vertical vibrations) and Love waves (transverse vibrations). MORE


Science / Geology / Seismicity: The study of the worldwide distribution of earthquakes over time and the probability of an earthquake occurring in a specific location. MORE

Toxicological Profile

Health / Disease / Toxicological Profile: An ATSDR document that examines, summarizes, and interprets information about a hazardous substance to determine harmful levels of exposure and associated health effects. A toxicological profile also MORE

Viewers In Profile (VIP)

Technology / Television (TV) / Viewers In Profile (VIP): The local television ratings book from Nielsen Media Research, issued after sweeps periods for each of the 210 television markets in the U.S. Click here for more information. MORE