Storm Sewer

Science / Geology / Storm Sewer: A sewer system that collects surface runoff instead of waste water. These two types of water are kept separate because they require different processing before release to the environment.

Other Words for Storm

Storm Noun Synonyms: tempest, disturbance, turbulence, wind-storm, mistral, gale, whirlwind, hurricane, tornado, typhoon, cyclone, williwaw, shower, cloudburst, downpour, rainstorm, deluge, monsoon, thunder-shower, thunderstorm, electrical storm, dust-storm, s

Storm Sash Or Storm Window

Business / Construction / Storm Sash Or Storm Window: An extra window usually placed outside of an existing one, as additional protection against cold weather. MORE

Storm Sewer

Business / Construction / Storm Sewer: A sewer system designed to collect storm water and is separated from the waste water system. MORE

Storm Prediction Center (SPC)

Science / Weather / Storm Prediction Center (SPC): A branch of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction, the Center monitors and forecasts severe and non-severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and other hazardous weather phenomena across the United MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Storm: One of the high tech bowling ball manufacturers; their line of balls often has the word storm as part of the ball name; i.e., Firestorm, Thunderstorm etc. MORE

Sewer Tap

Business / Construction / Sewer Tap: The physical connection point where the home's sewer line connects to the main municipal sewer line. MORE

Side Sewer

Business / Construction / Side Sewer: The portion of the sanitary sewer which connects the interior waste water lines to the main sewer lines. The side sewer is usually buried in several feet of soil and runs from the house to the sewer l MORE