Science / Geology / Strain: A change in the volume or shape of a rock mass in response to stress.

Other Words for Strain

Strain Verb Synonyms: push, pull, tug, heave, stretch, twist, wrench, struggle
Strain Noun Synonyms: family, stock, ancestry, roots, extraction, derivation, (family) background, heritage, descent, parentage, lineage, pedigree, bloodline, race, line, descendants
Strain Adverb Synonyms: stretch, force, tax, overtax, burden, overburden, overwork, push, exceed, surpass


Health / Massage / Strain-Counterstrain: Developed by osteopath Lawrence Jones, this noninvasive treatment helps decrease protective muscle spasms and alleviate somatic dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system. By using palpation and passiv MORE

Restraining Order

Business / Real Estate / Restraining Order: An order that may issue from filing for an injunction. Though the term is sometimes used as a synonym of injunction, it is distinguished from an injunction in that it is intended only as a restraint u MORE

Temporary Restraining Order

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Temporary Restraining Order: Restraining and/or protective orders are examples of orders issued by a court restraining the conduct of an individual and protecting a victim from the activities of an abusive person. MORE


Technology / Computers / Constraint: A data rule that limits a searches possibilities through preset algorithms. The constraint could include an algorithm that would rule out certain data relationships allowing the search to proceed much MORE

Restraining Circle

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Restraining Circle: A faceoff circle. MORE

Restraining Line

Entertainment / Football / Restraining Line: A team's respective line of scrimmage at a free kick, the line the ball is to be kicked from (for the kicking team), or a line 10 yards in advance of that (for the receiving team) MORE