Science / Geology / Streak: The color of a mineral in powdered form. Streak is normally determined by scraping a specimen across a surface of unglazed porcelain known as a 'streak plate'.

Other Words for Streak

Streak Noun Synonyms: stripe, striation, strip, stroke, bar, band, line, mark, smear, slash, dash, touch, daub, fleck, trace, vein, layer, seam, stratum
Streak Adjective Synonyms: flash, bolt


Life Style / Painting / Streaking: The irregular occurrence of lines or streaks of various lengths and colors in an applied film; usually caused by some form of contamination. MORE

Streak Plate

Science / Geology / Streak Plate: A piece of unglazed porcelain that is used for determining the streak of a mineral specimen. MORE

Jet Streak

Science / Weather / Jet Streak: A region of accelerated wind speed along the axis of a jet stream. MORE

Surge Marks

Entertainment / Photography / Surge Marks: Streaks on the image from each of the sprockets holes of 35mm film caused by excessive agitation. MORE


Science / Weather / Virga: Streaks or wisps of precipitation, such as water or ice particles, that fall from clouds but evaporate before reaching the ground. From a distance, the event sometimes may be mistaken for a funnel clo MORE

Three Hundred (300) Game Jinx

Entertainment / Bowling / Three Hundred (300) Game Jinx: Similar to the baseball's no-hit jinx; when a player opens with a streak of strikes, it's considered bad luck to mention the possibility of a 300 game. MORE