Streak Plate

Science / Geology / Streak Plate: A piece of unglazed porcelain that is used for determining the streak of a mineral specimen.

Other Words for Plate

Plate Adjective Synonyms: platter, dish, trencher, charger
Plate Noun Synonyms: layer, leaf, sheet, pane, panel, lamina, slab

Other Words for Streak

Streak Noun Synonyms: stripe, striation, strip, stroke, bar, band, line, mark, smear, slash, dash, touch, daub, fleck, trace, vein, layer, seam, stratum
Streak Adjective Synonyms: flash, bolt


Science / Geology / Streak: The color of a mineral in powdered form. Streak is normally determined by scraping a specimen across a surface of unglazed porcelain known as a 'streak plate'. MORE


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