Science / Geology / Streamline: A curved line representing the successive positions of a particle in a flow as time passes.

Clinical Integration

Health / Health Insurance / Clinical Integration: A type of operational integration that enables patients to receive a variety of health services from the same organization or entity, which streamlines administrative processes and increases the poten MORE

Laminar Flow

Science / Geology / Laminar Flow: A state of uniform flow within a fluid in which the moving particles travel along parallel paths (compare with Turbulent Flow). MORE

Clearing Firm

Business / Taxes / Clearing Firm: Clearing firms handle the back-office details of securities transactions between broker-dealers, making the settlement process streamlined and efficient. In brief, when a broker’s order to buy or se MORE


Business / Finance / Netting: Reducing transfers of funds between subsidiaries or separate companies to a net amount. MORE

Volcanic Bomb

Science / Geology / Volcanic Bomb: A projectile of hot magma or rock that is blown from the vent during a volcanic eruption. These solidify in flight and frequently form an elongated rock of streamlined shape. MORE


Technology / Aviation / Pants: A popular word for streamlined, non-load bearing fairings to cover landing wheels. Also sometimes called Spats or, when fully enclosing the wheel struts, Skirts. MORE