Science / Geology / Strike: The angle between true North and the horizontal line contained in any planar feature (inclined bed, dike, fault plane, etc.): also the geographic direction of this horizontal line.

Other Words for Strike

Strike Adjective Synonyms: deliver, deal, aim, direct
Strike Noun Synonyms: hit, deal a blow to, knock, smack, thump, thwack, crown, cuff, punch, smite, beat, hammer, belabour, batter, pummel or pommel, pelt, buffet, thrash, cudgel, bludgeon, club, whip, horsewhip, scourge, lash, cane, flog, birch, slap, wallop, slug, whac
Strike Verb Synonyms: light, ignite

Strike Split

Entertainment / Bowling / Strike Split: A split that results from what was apparently a strike hit. Usually the 8-10 split for a right-handed bowler and the 7-9 for a lefty. MORE

Garbage Hit or Strike

Entertainment / Bowling / Garbage Hit or Strike: Any hit that produces a strike when it shouldn't, as when it misses the pocket. MORE

Brooklyn Strike

Entertainment / Bowling / Brooklyn Strike: A strike that results from a Brooklyn hit. MORE

Strike Price

Business / Finance / Strike Price: For a stock index option, the index value at which the buyer of the option can buy or sell the underlying stock index. The strike index is converted to a dollar value by multiplying by the option's co MORE

Strike Out

Entertainment / Baseball / Strike Out: When a batter swings and misses three pitchers, receives three pitches within the strike zone without swinging, or a combination of the two. The batter is declared out. Foul balls are counted as strik MORE

Steal A Strike

Entertainment / Bowling / Steal A Strike: To get a strike on a less-than-perfect hit. MORE