Science / Geology / Surf: The breaking or tumbling forward of water waves as they approach the shore.

Surface Water

Health / Disease / Surface Water: Water on the surface of the earth, such as in lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and springs [compare with groundwater]. MORE

Surface Plate

Business / Machine Shop / Surface Plate: An accurately machined and scraped flat metal piece (usually of cast iron) used to check the flatness of surfaces. MORE

Surface Wave

Science / Geology / Surface Wave: A type of seismic wave that travels along Earth's surface. MORE

Surface Runoff

Business / Agriculture / Surface Runoff: Precipitation, snow melt, or irrigation water in excess of what can infiltrate the soil surface and be stored in small surface depressions: a major cause of erosion and transporter of nonpoint source MORE

Constant Pressure Surface

Science / Weather / Constant Pressure Surface: A surface along which the atmospheric pressure is equal everywhere. MORE

Geopotential (Equipotential) Surface

Science / Tides and Currents / Geopotential (Equipotential) Surface: A surface that is everywhere normal to the acceleration of gravity. MORE