Science / Geology / Syncline: A large fold whose limbs are higher than its center: a fold with the youngest strata in the center.


Science / Geology / Miogeosyncline: A Geosyncline that is situated near a craton and receives chemical and well-sorted elastic sediments from the continent. MORE


Science / Geology / Eugeosyncline: The seaward part of a geosyncline: characterized by clastic sediments and volcanism. MORE


Science / Geology / Geosyncline: A major downwarp in the Earth's crust, usually more than 1000 kilometers in length, in which sediments accumulate to thicknesses of many kilometers. The sediments may eventually be deformed and metamo MORE


Science / Geology / Limb: One side of a fold. The dipping rock units between the crest of an anticline and the trough of a syncline. MORE

Limb (Fold)

Science / Geology / Limb (Fold): The relatively planar part of a fold or of two adjacent folds (for example, the steeply dipping part of a stratum between an anticline and syncline). MORE

Orogenic Belt

Science / Geology / Orogenic Belt: A linear region, often a former geo-syncline, that has been subjected to folding, and other deformation in a mountain-building episode. MORE