Tar Sand

Science / Geology / Tar Sand: A sandstone containing the densest asphaltic components of petroleum - the end-product of evaporation of volatile components or of some thickening process.


Entertainment / Music / Sitar: Long-necked plucked chordophone of northern India, with movable frets and a rounded gourd body: used as solo instrument and with tabla. MORE

Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX)

Business / Finance / Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX): The use of a mathematical model to imitate a situation many times in order to estimate the likelihood of various possible outcomes. See: Monte Carlo simulation. MORE

Solitary Wave

Science / Tides and Currents / Solitary Wave: A wave of translation consisting of a single crest rising above the undisturbed water level without any accompanying trough. The rate of advance of a solitary wave depends upon the depth of the water MORE

Split Phase Start

Technology / Motors / Split Phase Start: Motor which employs a main winding and an auxiliary winding, which is called the starting winding. The windings are unlike and thereby 'split' the single phase of the power supply by causing a phase d MORE


Life Style / Christmas / Star: A bright point in the night sky which is a large, distant incandescent body like the sun. MORE

Standard and Poors Depositary Receipt (SPDR)

Business / Taxes / Standard and Poors Depositary Receipt (SPDR): When you buy SPDRs — pronounced spiders — you're buying shares in a unit investment trust (UIT) that owns a portfolio of stocks included in Standard & Poor's 500-stock Index (S&P 500). A share is MORE