Terrestrial Sediment

Science / Geology / Terrestrial Sediment: A deposit of sediment that accumulated above sea level in lakes, alluvial fans, floodplains, moraines, etc., regardless of its present elevation.

Other Words for Sediment

Sediment Noun Synonyms: lees, dregs, deposit, grounds, precipitate, remains, residue, settlings, residuum, detritus

Other Words for Terrestrial

Terrestrial Noun Synonyms: earthly, earthbound, worldly, terrene, tellurian or telluric, global, sublunary, subastral, mundane

Terrestrial Broadcasting

Technology / Television (TV) / Terrestrial Broadcasting: A broadcast signal transmitted 'over-the-air' from a ground-based transmitter to an antenna. MORE


Science / Astrology / Terrestrial: Of the Earth, Earth-related. MORE

Sorting (Of A Sediment)

Science / Marine Biology / Sorting (Of A Sediment): The range of scatter of particle sizes about the median grain size of a sediment MORE

Terrestrial Planet

Science / Geology / Terrestrial Planet: One of the four rocky planets closest to the sun, which include Mars, Venus, Earth and Mercury. MORE

Terrestrial Radiation

Science / Weather / Terrestrial Radiation: Long wave radiation that is emitted by the earth back into the atmosphere. Most of it is absorbed by the water vapor in the atmosphere, while less than ten percent is radiated directly into space. MORE

Terrigenous Sediment

Science / Geology / Terrigenous Sediment: Sediment that is derived from the weathering of rocks which are exposed above sea level. MORE