Thermal Pollution

Science / Geology / Thermal Pollution: Water quality is not defined by chemistry alone. If natural waters are withdrawn for use they should be returned to the environment at approximately the same temperature. An increase or decrease in temperature can have an adverse effect upon plants, animals and chemical balances. Returning water to a stream at a different temperature than it was withdrawn is known as thermal pollution. For example, coal-fired power plants use water in the production of steam that turns turbines. That water is then cooled in the large cooling towers before it is returned to the environment.

Other Words for Pollution

Pollution Verb Synonyms: contamination, adulteration, corruption, polluting, fouling, befouling, soiling, spoiling, tainting, staining, dirtying, sullying, blighting, poisoning, vitiation

Thermal Block

Life Style / Coffee / Thermal Block: A system for heating water in espresso brewers that uses coils of pipe enclosed inside a heating element or hot water tank. MORE

Thermal Conductivity

Science / Geology / Thermal Conductivity: A measure of a rock's capacity for heat conduction. MORE

Thermal Energy

Science / Chemistry / Thermal Energy: Energy an object possesses by virtue of its temperature. For example, 1 g of water at 15°C has 4.184 J more energy than 1 g of water at 14°C. MORE