Science / Geology / Till: An unconsolidated sediment containing all sizes of fragments from clay to boulders deposited by glacial action, usually unbedded.

Other Words for Till

Till Adjective Synonyms: money or cash-drawer, cash-box or register
Till Verb Synonyms: plough or also plow, cultivate, farm, work, dig, hoe, harrow, manure, delve

Conservation Tillage

Business / Agriculture / Conservation Tillage: Any tillage and planting system that leaves at least 30% of the soil surface covered by residue after planting. Conservation tillage maintains a ground cover with less soil disturbance than traditiona MORE

Conventional Tillage

Business / Agriculture / Conventional Tillage: Tillage operations considered standard for a specific location and crop and that tend to bury the crop residues: usually considered as a base for determining the cost effectiveness of erosion control MORE

Fractional Distillation

Science / Chemistry / Fractional Distillation: A technique for separation of liquid mixtures by distillation that uses a tower attached to a flask containing the mixture to perform multiple distillations. Vapor moving up the column condenses on pa MORE

Amontillado (Spain)

Life Style / Wine / Amontillado (Spain): A true Amontillado Sherry is a matured Fino. When the flor dies and sinks to the bottom of the butt the wine loses its protection from oxidation conferred by the coating of yeast, and it begins to dee MORE

Pétillant (France)

Life Style / Wine / Pétillant (France): A term used to describe a lightly sparkling wine. Pétillance may occur in many wines not intended to be sparkling at all, such as top German Rieslings which may often be bottled with a small amount o MORE


Science / Chemistry / Distillation: Distillation is a technique for separating components of a mixture on the basis of differing boiling points. The mixture is heated, vaporizing some of the components. The vapor is collected and conden MORE