Time Scale

Science / Geology / Time Scale: The division of geologic history into eras, periods, and epochs accomplished through stratigraphy and paleontology.

Other Words for Scale

Scale Adverb Synonyms: flake, imbrication, scurf, dandruff, squama, plate, scute or scutum, lamina, lamella
Scale Noun Synonyms: coating, encrustation or incrustation, crust, overlay, layer, cake, caking, tartar, plaque

Other Words for Time

Time Noun Synonyms: period, interval, stretch, spell, patch

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Science / Weather / Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): The name of the twenty-four hour time scale which is used throughout the scientific and military communities. Standard Time begins at Greenwich, England, home of the Royal Observatory which first util MORE

Sailing Time

Life Style / Travel / Sailing Time: The actual hour at which the ship is scheduled to clear the dock and sail. MORE


Business / Finance / Scale: Payment of different rates of interest on CDs of varying maturities. A bank is said to 'post a scale.' Commercial paper dealers also post scales. MORE

Scale In

Business / Finance / Scale In: Gradually taking a position in a security or market over time. MORE

Saffir-Simpson Damage-Potential Scale

Science / Weather / Saffir-Simpson Damage-Potential Scale: Developed in the early 1970s by Herbert Saffir, a consulting engineer, and Robert Simpson, then Director of the National Hurricane Center, it is a measure of hurricane intensity on a scale of 1 to 5. MORE

Scale Order

Business / Finance / Scale Order: Order to buy (sell) a security that specifies the total amount to be bought (sold) and the amount to be bought (sold) at successively decreasing (increasing) price intervals; often placed in order to MORE