Science / Geology / Traction: Transport of sediment by wind or water in which the sediment remains in contact with the ground or bed of the stream, moving by rolling or sliding. (See suspension and saltation for comparison.)

Other Words for Traction

Traction Noun Synonyms: grip, gripping power, drag, purchase, friction, adhesion

Conceptual Abstraction

Technology / Programming / Conceptual Abstraction: The ability for people to create different points of view on a design, depending on the relevant degree of detail. Through stepwise refinement, one traverses multiple levels of abstraction. Similarly, MORE

Electrostatic Attraction

Science / Biology / Electrostatic Attraction: The attraction between atoms of opposite charge that holds the atoms together in ionic bonds. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Retraction: A writing in prose or verse in which the author 'takes back' an earlier statement or piece of writing, often with an accompanying apology or explanation concerning her earlier errors. When this retrac MORE

Solvent Extraction

Science / Chemistry / Solvent Extraction: Solvent extraction is a method for separating mixtures by exploiting differences in the solubilities of the components. For example, a coffee machine extracts the soluble components of ground coffee w MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Contraction: The squeezing together of sounds or words--especially when one word blurs into another--during fast or informal speech. Contractions such as I'm (I am), he's (he is), and they're (they are) are common MORE

Concentric Contraction

Health / Fitness / Concentric Contraction: An isotonic muscle contraction, where a muscle contracts or shortens. MORE