Transmission Pipeline

Science / Geology / Transmission Pipeline: A pipeline that carries natural gas from a region where it is produced to a region where it is stored or consumed.

Other Words for Pipeline

Pipeline Verb Synonyms: pipe, tube, duct, hose, line, main, conduit, passage, conveyor, channel

Other Words for Transmission

Transmission Noun Synonyms: transfer, transference, transferral, transferring, conveyance, carrying, moving, movement, transportation, transport, transporting, forwarding, shipping, shipment, sending, transmittal, transmitting, dispatch or despatch, dispatching or despatching


Entertainment / Photography / Transmission: Passage of light through a transparent or translucent material. MORE

Telephone Transmission Tower

Technology / Cell Phones / Telephone Transmission Tower: A telephone base station located on top of a tall, free-standing structure. MORE

STC (Sound Transmission Class)

Business / Construction / STC (Sound Transmission Class): The measure of sound stopping of ordinary noise. MORE

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

Business / Internet Marketing / Transmission Control Protocol (TCP): Transmission Control Protocol works with IP to ensure that packets travel safely on the Internet. This is the method by which most Internet activity takes place. MORE

Transmission Control Protocol-Internet Protocol (TCP-IP)

Technology / Computers / Transmission Control Protocol-Internet Protocol (TCP-IP): A set of protocols to link dissimilar computers across many kinds of networks. The primary protocol used by the Internet. MORE

Vertical Transmission

Health / Disease / Vertical Transmission: Transmission of an infection, such as HIV, from mother to child during the perinatal period, the period immediately before and after birth. MORE