Science / Geology / Trap: A sedimentary or tectonic structure where oil and/or natural gas has accumulated. These are structural highs where a porous rock unit is capped by an impermeable rock unit. Oil and gas trapped within the porous rock unit migrate to a high point in the structure because of their low density.

Other Words for Trap

Trap Verb Synonyms: snare, pitfall, gin, springe, deadfall, booby-trap
Trap Noun Synonyms: mouth, yap, gob, mush, face

Sand Trap

Entertainment / Golf / Sand Trap: (also 'trap, bunker, sand bunker') another commonly used term for a sand-filled bunker - a depression in the ground filled with a prepared surface of sand or similar MORE

Neutral Zone Trap

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Neutral Zone Trap: The neutral zone trap is a defensive ice hockey strategy used by a team to prevent an opposing team from proceeding through the neutral zone (the area between both blue lines) by forcing turnovers in MORE

FHA Strap

Business / Construction / FHA Strap: Metal straps that are used to repair a bearing wall 'cut-out', and to 'tie together' wall corners, splices, and bearing headers. Also, they are used to hang stairs and landings to bearing headers. MORE

Earthquake Strap

Business / Construction / Earthquake Strap: A metal strap used to secure gas hot water heaters to the framing or foundation of a house. Intended to reduce the chances of having the water heater fall over in an earthquake and causing a gas leak. MORE

Trapeze Table

Health / Pilates / Trapeze Table: Also called 'The Rack' or 'Cadillac,' this popular piece of equipment is one of the most effective and versatile of all Pilates apparatus. It comprises a raised, horizontal table top with a four-post MORE

Training Straps

Health / Fitness / Training Straps: Strap used around the wrist and the remaining material is wrapped around the weight lifting bar to aid you in holding the weight. MORE