Triple Junction

Science / Geology / Triple Junction: A point that is common to three plates and which must also be the meeting place of three boundary features, such as divergence zones, convergence zones, or transform faults.

Other Words for Junction

Junction Adjective Synonyms: point, time, moment, stage, period
Junction Noun Synonyms: juncture, union, combination, joining, conjunction, meeting, linking, connection, conjoining, intersection, confluence, crossroads, interchange

Triple Tax-Exempt

Business / Finance / Triple Tax-Exempt: A lease providing that the tenant pay for all maintenance expenses, plus utilities, taxes, and insurance. This results in lower risk for investors, who usually form a limited partnership. MORE

Triple Threat

Entertainment / Basketball / Triple Threat: Triple threat is the position when a player facing a defender receives a pass but has not dribbled yet. The offensive player's feet are slightly wider than shoulder width and slightly on the balls of MORE

Triple Time

Entertainment / Music / Triple Time: Time signature with three beats to the measure. MORE

Triple Sec

Entertainment / Liquor / Triple Sec: A highly popular sweetener and flavoring agent in many drinks, triple-sec is the best known form of cura?§ao, a liquer made from the skins of the cura?§ao orange. Cointreau is a high quality brand o MORE

Triple Runs

Entertainment / Ballet / Triple Runs: One big step, followed by two little steps, can be done in a circle. MORE

Triple Play

Entertainment / Baseball / Triple Play: A defensive play in which three offensive players are put out as a result of one action. MORE