Volcanic Ash

Science / Geology / Volcanic Ash: A volcanic sediment of rock fragments, usually glass, less than 4 millimeters in diameter that is formed when escaping gases force out a fine spray of magma.

Volcanic Ash Fall

Science / Geology / Volcanic Ash Fall: An accumulation of volcanic ash produced by an eruption. These can be very thick near the vent and decrease to a light dusting in a downwind direction. MORE

Volcanic Ash Flow

Science / Geology / Volcanic Ash Flow: A mixture of volcanic ash and gases that moves downhill as a density current in the atmosphere. MORE

Net Cash Income

Business / Agriculture / Net Cash Income: A farm’s actual cash receipts and expenses in a given year, regardless of the year the goods sold were produced. In general, it serves as an indicator of the short-term financial condition of agricu MORE

Net Cash Balance

Business / Finance / Net Cash Balance: Beginning cash balance plus cash receipts minus cash disbursements. MORE

Net Cash Provided By Operations

Business / Finance / Net Cash Provided By Operations: On a cash flow statement, net income plus non-cash transactions and the net amount of changes in operating assets and liabilities. MORE

Nominal Cash Flow

Business / Finance / Nominal Cash Flow: A cash flow expressed in nominal terms if the actual dollars to be received or paid out are given. MORE