Volcanic Breccia

Science / Geology / Volcanic Breccia: A rock made up of pyroclastic fragments that are at least 64 millimeters in diameter.

Volcanic Dome

Science / Geology / Volcanic Dome: A steep-sided extrusion of very viscous lava that is squeezed from a volcanic vent without major eruption. These are frequently rhyolitic in composition and produce a rounded mound above the vent. MORE

Volcanic Cone

Science / Geology / Volcanic Cone: A cone-shaped hill or mountain composed of pyroclastic debris and/or lava which builds up around a volcanic vent during eruptions. MORE

Volcanic Ejecta Blanket

Science / Geology / Volcanic Ejecta Blanket: A collective term for all the pyroclastic rocks deposited around a volcano, especially by a volcanic explosion. MORE

Volcanic Emanations

Science / Geology / Volcanic Emanations: Gases, especially steam, emitted from a vent or released from lava. MORE

Volcanic Pipe

Science / Geology / Volcanic Pipe: A vertical or nearly vertical tunnel which connects a magma reservoir to the surface. Magma and gas travel up this tube to produce the eruption. After the eruption the tube can be filled with a coolin MORE

Volcanic Neck

Science / Geology / Volcanic Neck: A vertical intrusion with the geometry of a volcanic pipe. An erosional remant of a volcanic pipe. MORE