Volcanic Pipe

Science / Geology / Volcanic Pipe: A vertical or nearly vertical tunnel which connects a magma reservoir to the surface. Magma and gas travel up this tube to produce the eruption. After the eruption the tube can be filled with a cooling magma which preserves its shape as an intrusive body.

Other Words for Pipe

Pipe Adjective Synonyms: pipeline, tube, duct, hose, line, main, conduit, passage, conveyor, channel
Pipe Verb Synonyms: look at, notice, spot, note, look at, get a load of
Pipe Noun Synonyms: pan-pipe, whistle, boatswain's pipe, tooter, horn, wind, wind instrument, woodwind, brass

Volcanic Neck

Science / Geology / Volcanic Neck: A vertical intrusion with the geometry of a volcanic pipe. An erosional remant of a volcanic pipe. MORE

Volcanic Ash

Science / Geology / Volcanic Ash: A volcanic sediment of rock fragments, usually glass, less than 4 millimeters in diameter that is formed when escaping gases force out a fine spray of magma. MORE

Volcanic Ash Fall

Science / Geology / Volcanic Ash Fall: An accumulation of volcanic ash produced by an eruption. These can be very thick near the vent and decrease to a light dusting in a downwind direction. MORE

Volcanic Ash Flow

Science / Geology / Volcanic Ash Flow: A mixture of volcanic ash and gases that moves downhill as a density current in the atmosphere. MORE

Uilleann Pipes

Entertainment / Music / Uilleann Pipes: Type of bellows-blown bagpipe used in Irish traditional music: bellows are elbow-manipulated. MORE

Transmission Pipeline

Science / Geology / Transmission Pipeline: A pipeline that carries natural gas from a region where it is produced to a region where it is stored or consumed. MORE