Water Table

Science / Geology / Water Table: A level beneath the Earth's surface, below which all pore spaces are filled with water and above which the pore spaces are filled with air. The top of the zone of saturation in a subsurface rock, soil or sediment unit.

Other Words for Table

Table Noun Synonyms: food, victuals, provender, comestible, edibles, eatables, fare, board, provisions
Table Adjective Synonyms: plain, flatland, mesa, tableland, plateau, steppe

Other Words for Water

Water Noun Synonyms: H2O, distilled water, tap water, drinking-water, bottled water, spa water, still water, soda (water), effervescent water, mineral water, sea water, salt water, ditch-water, dishwater, bath-water, branch water, Adam's ale, Latin a

Ground Water

Science / Geology / Ground Water: Water that exists below the water table in the zone of saturation. Ground water moves slowly in the same direction that the water table slopes. MORE

Vadose Water

Science / Geology / Vadose Water: Water that exists in the pore spaces of a rock or soil, between the ground surface and the water table. MORE

Perched Water Table

Science / Geology / Perched Water Table: A water table that is isolated from and higher than the regional water table. This can occur when a hilltop is underlain by an impermeable rock unit. Infiltrating waters stack up on the impermeable un MORE

Perched Groundwater

Science / Geology / Perched Groundwater: An isolated body of ground-water that is perched above and separated from the main water table by an aquiclude. MORE

Tidal Current Tables

Science / Tides and Currents / Tidal Current Tables: Tables which give daily predictions of the times and velocities of the tidal currents. These predictions are usually supplemented by current differences and constants through which predictions can be MORE


Science / Tides and Currents / Tidewater: Water activated by the tide generating forces and/or water affected by the resulting tide, especially in coastal and estuarine areas. Also, a general term often applied to the land and water of estuar MORE