Science / Geology / Withdrawal: A removal of water from a surface or ground water source for use.

Hardship Withdrawal

Business / Taxes / Hardship Withdrawal: A hardship withdrawal, also known as a hardship distribution, occurs when you take money out of your 401(k) or other qualified retirement savings plan to cover pressing financial needs. You must quali MORE

Early Withdrawal

Business / Taxes / Early Withdrawal: If you withdraw assets from a fixed-term investment, such as a certificate of deposit (CD), before it matures, it is considered an early withdrawal. If you withdraw from an individual retirement accou MORE

Negotiable-Order-Of-Withdrawal Account

Business / Taxes / Negotiable-Order-Of-Withdrawal Account: A negotiable-order-of-withdrawal (NOW) account is an interest-bearing checking account that pays interest on the balance, usually at a rate comparable to a money market account. You may be required to MORE

Administrative Class Withdrawals

Life Style / College / Administrative Class Withdrawals: Instructors may administratively withdraw students with a grade of 'WA' when the student has missed more than 10 percent of the contact hours in a given course. If an instructor chooses to administrat MORE

Systematic Withdrawal

Business / Taxes / Systematic Withdrawal: Systematic withdrawal is a method of receiving income in regular installments from your mutual fund accounts, retirement plans, or annuity contracts. Generally, you decide how much you want to receive MORE

Thought Withdrawal

Science / Psychiatry / Thought Withdrawal: delusional belief that thoughts are being removed MORE