Science / Marine Biology / Accuracy: Is the correctness of a measure when comparing to a known standard. See also resolution and precision.

Other Words for Accuracy

Accuracy Noun Synonyms: exactness, correctness, precision, preciseness


Entertainment / Literature / Western: A literary and cinematic genre marked by numerous conventions. The usual setting is a short main street in a dust-blown frontier village of the American west during the 1800s. Traditionally, the prota MORE

First Folio

Entertainment / Literature / First Folio: A set of Shakespeare's plays published in 1623. The 'First Folio' included some thirty-six plays, and the editor of this publication took some care in the selection and accuracy of his texts, or at le MORE

Due Diligence

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Due Diligence: A critical component of mergers and acquisitions, it is the process of conducting an investigation and evaluation in order to examine the details of a particular investment or purchase by obtaining su MORE

Radius Gage

Business / Machine Shop / Radius Gage: Any one of a number of small, flat, standard-shaped metal leafs or blades used for checking the accuracy of regular concave and convex surfaces. MORE

Pilot Hole

Business / Construction / Pilot Hole: A small-diameter, pre-drilled hole that guides a nail or screw. MORE

Peer-Reviewed Journal

Entertainment / Literature / Peer-Reviewed Journal: Also called a refereed journal, a juried publication, a scholarly journal, or a critical journal, a peer-reviewed journal is a periodical publication with strict standards for accuracy and clear think MORE