Asexual Reproduction

Science / Marine Biology / Asexual Reproduction: Reproduction of the individual without the production of gametes and zygotes

Other Words for Reproduction

Reproduction Verb Synonyms: duplicate, copy, print, clone, carbon (copy), facsimile, replica, look-alike, double, twin, imitation
Reproduction Noun Synonyms: duplication, copying, printing

Sexual Reproduction

Science / Biology / Sexual Reproduction: A system of reproduction in which two haploid sex cells (gametes) fuse to produce a diploid zygote. MORE

Preproduction Expenses

Business / Agriculture / Preproduction Expenses: Expenses incurred prior to the period when a farm activity begins producing, primarily raising orchard trees or breeding animals. MORE

Asexual Reproduction

Science / Biology / Asexual Reproduction: A method of reproduction in which genetically identical offspring are produced from a single parent; occurs by many mechanisms, including fission, budding, and fragmentation. MORE


Science / Biology / Macronucleus: In ciliates, the large nucleus that carries up to several hundred copies of the genome and controls metabolism and asexual reproduction. MORE