Science / Marine Biology / Benthic: Refers to organisms that live on or in the ocean bed. Benthic epifauna are organisms that live on the ocean floor or upon bottom objects sch as sea anemones and barnacles, whereas benthic infauna are organisms that live within the surface sediments such as clams and worms. Compare pelagic.

Benthic Zone

Science / Biology / Benthic Zone: One of the two basic subdivisions of the marine biome; includes the sea floor and bottom-dwelling organisms. MORE

Benthic-Pelagic Coupling

Science / Marine Biology / Benthic-Pelagic Coupling: The cycling of nutrients between the bottom sediments and overyling water column MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Epibenthic: Living on the surface of the bottom MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Corer: Tubular benthic sampling device that is plunged into the bottom in order to obtain a vertically oriented cylindrical sample MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Nekton: Organisms with swimming abilities that permit them to move actively through the water column and to move against currents MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Grab: The act of the ball reacting to the friction of the lane and ball surface. MORE